About Us

Lanzarote Wedding, with soul and heart…

From the heart of joy and sharing, Lanzarote Wedding (Eventízate Lanzarote SL) was born. The idea of celebrating events through …life… ‘Eventízate’ was founded after the realization of a charity event.

We have spent the last few years, designing events that touch the heart, imagining indescribable moments where the participants would feel the thrill of the dreamed instant.

The heart united to reason has allowed us to host events for the revitalization of commercial spaces, business presentations, advertising campaigns, organizing weddings and anniversaries successfully.

We aim to make your event unique and unrepeatable; impacting the public, because small gestures are what makes you unique.

Our objective is to ensure your aims are met…, image, elegance, distinction, originality, these are the necessary elements to stand out from the rest.

We have a highly qualified team offering creative and innovative ideas.

Our Team

Eva Díaz de Olaizola

Executive director

Eva will handle all the event production, keeping in constant contact with you. She will be present at the event, coordinating everything to make sure the outcome is perfect!

Lourdes Betancort


Lourdes will manage all production resources required for your event, keeping in constant contact with Eva.

Erika de León


Patricia helps Eva for all the final details of your event to be ready. From the last decoration details to sewing a button if necessary!

Javier Cejas San Ginés


Javier is responsible for all the matters related to your event. Lighting, sound, transport, furniture… Makes sure everything is in place on time.